Pricing for all modalities is 1 dollar per minute with a 30 minute minimum.

30 minute massage   $30.00
60 minute massage   $60.00
90 minute massage   $90.00

Couples massage minimum of 90 minute session  $180.00

Add Ons: Hot Stone or Salt Stone Massage +$20

Prior to your massage, you can expect, full intake, medical history, postural analysis.
Following your massage please plan time to evaluation your session.


Some insurance plans will cover Alternative Health as part of their Flex Plan Program, please contact your HR department for more information.  Your place of employment may provide their employees a set amount of massages per year which can be billed to insurance. Currently, Medicaid and Medicare do not compensate for Massage Therapy, however, families have been approved to utilize Family Directed Funds to cover sessions deemed therapeutic. Often, Workman’s Comp will assist coverage with a physician’s script for allowable sessions due to injury. Please discuss these options prior to your appointment with your provider. I can email you a receipt to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement if applicable.  All others are expected to pay at time of service.  Payable by cash, check, or card.